Oil Cooler Cooling Fan Kit

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Carboninmotion introduces the Oil Cooler Cooling Fan Kit. It functions to cool down your engines' oil temperature with the cooling fan attached to the back of your RX8's oil cooler. Especially useful during those start/stop drives in a traffic jam for hours in our type of climate. Heat is one of the source of detonation and too much of it is not good for our engines. Essentially, the engine oil is used to cool the eccentric shaft and rotors. By reducing the temperature of the engine oil through more efficient oil cooling, it reduces stress on the primary cooling system such as your coolant/ radiator. The cooling fan is wired to run together with your radiator fans. No switches required and will not run down your battery power. Our kits have shown that Oil Temperature during high temp days could be reduced as much as 5 degrees celsius on hot days.

The kit comes with:
1. A Cooling Fan (made in Japan)
2. Wire harness with relay
3. Brackets to fit onto your oil cooler

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Fitment Guide: Universal for Mazda RX8 both Series 1 (2003-2008) and 2 (2009-2011)

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