Carboninmotion offers a wide range of options to ship our products out to you and we ship both domestically in Malaysia, to neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia as well as to major International city locations such as UK, Dubai and Chile. 




Due to the nature of automotive bodystyling products, a certain degree of packaging is required to ensure that our products are packed optimally to reach you safely. We pack our shipments with industrial grade bubble wrap, before placing the products into a cardbox container and shrink wrapped prior to shipping it out to you.


Shipping Options available to you:


1. Free Shipping

We provide Free Shipping to all locations within Peninsular Malaysia only. Free Shipping includes small items as well as oversized items within Peninsular Malaysia only.


2. Pick up from Store

You have the option to pick up your purchased goods from our office location at any time convenient to you. Our store location is: 


SG-20-1, Subang Square Shopping Gallery

Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya

Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Tel: +603-5633 3733

Fax: +603-5633 1633


3.EMS Shipping or Small Item Shipment (Door to Door)

Small items are defined as overall product including package weighing in less than 30kg or package dimensions equal or smaller than 150cm (length) x 50cm (width) x 30cm (width). Small items are shipped via our Express Mail Shipping (EMS) provider and this is the most cost effective shipping for international locations because the cost of shipment to you is measure by the actual weight of the product. EMS Shipment is handled door to door, means the item that you select to purchase using EMS Shipping will be delivered to your delivery address. Please note that custom clearance and taxes that may apply to your product will be payable by you should they be incurred.


4. Oversized Item Shipment (Port to Port Ex-Ship DES)

Oversized items are definsed as overall product including package with dimensions larger than 150cm (length) x 50cm (width) x 30cm (width). Oversized items are shipped via Expeditors, our Global Logistics partner who ships to over 250 locations globally. Due to the size of some of our bodystyling products, shipping cost of such items are calculated based on Volumetric Weight (VW) and not the actual weight of the product itself. This is a standard practice by Logistic Companies for International Shipments. Volumetric weight is calculated based on the dimension of the product plus packaging and the cost of shipment is determined using the computed VW.


Volumetric Weight formulae:


[(Length in cm) x (Width in cm) x (Height in cm)]                                       Volumetric Weight 

-----------------------------------------------------------                          =




An Example of a Volumetric Weight calculation of a Version M3 Front Bumper:



[      (200cm)     x     (60 cm)     x     (60 cm)     ]                                      120 kg  (Volumetric Weight)

-----------------------------------------------------------                          =




Therefore, based on the volumetric weight, the Shipping cost of the front bumper will be based on 120kg multiplied by a set cost per kg by Expeditors when the actual weight of the product is only 10kg. Oversized Shipment (Ex-Ship DES) is handled port to port, means the item that you select to purchase using Oversized Shipping will be delivered to an airport indicated at the Method of Delivery selection during your checkout process. Please note that Custom clearance, taxes and your local destination charges that may apply to your product will be payable by you should they be incurred.